Meatballs very under rated!

2013 January 16
by Jacs

I made enough meat balls with a spiced tomato sauce to serve the 1000’s last night.  Once a caterer always a caterer even though I was only preparing food for my little ones. As a London event caterer it’s hard to always down scale at home, as at work its always big numbers.  We are starting to look forward to Easter Catering, let us know if there are any requests out there for anything extra special that we can help you with?  Personally being the “boss” of the best boutique catering company in London, I love a simple roast shoulder of lamb with loads of rosemary.  Served with red currant jelly  and homemade  mint sauce.

Now what to have for pudding? Actually I have the easiest, quickest  and most delicious recipe from my mother in law, Apple meringue.  Stew some apples, not too much sugar, a good squeeze of lemon juice topped with meringue and into the oven (180 C) for 15 minutes, till the meringue has just a little bit of colour and is crisp to the touch.  Serve drizzled with double cream.

I’ll tell you why it makes the perfect pudding for me.  Obviously there is fruit, so it’s healthy but more because its hot, the meringue is soft and crisp all at the same time just perfect, from South West London party catering company!!

Spiced meat balls with a hint of basil.


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