Who knows why the French are so good with their tarts etc but they are delicious to eat!

2013 January 27
by Jacs

I’ve just returned from 4 days in France and spent an afternoon eating the most delicious tarts and slices.  I just couldn’t decide what to choose so I bought a selection of 5!

Firstly I had the tastiest lemon tart topped with the softest meringue and drizzled with chocolate, just perfect!  Next I had a rich chocolate torte which sat on a crisp meringue bas, unusual but it worked.  Then I had a classic coffee eclair filled with a coffee creme patisserie, so much nicer than the British whipped cream.  I then moved onto a deliciously crisp walnut meringue sandwich, really very good.

Lastly I finished of my afternoon tea feast with a classic French Apple Tart, boy did I feel, full!

Now I just need to get back to work to persuade my executive chef of deWintons party catering to make all of these for me next week?

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