Grated cheese!

2013 February 28
by Jacs

While making the most delicious supper with my children last night my one year old tried to help grate the already grate cheese, a pretty funny sight, well it made me laugh.

I don’t think it’s ever too early to start teaching your children to cook,  hopefully they are going to be our future, I hate the idea that they would have to eat ready meals, which are so so expensive and full of salt and other products. 

Acutally I don’t have a problem with eating horse meat but if I buy a dish that says is 100% beef then that’s what I expect.  The Lord Nelson in Southwark were serving 100% horse burgers no beef, last night I wonder how they got on, I should imagine they had a sell out night?

Anyway back to cooking with children my 1 & 2 1/2 year love making cakes, eating the butter is the best bit and it’s lots of fun  watching them weighing out all the ingredients and teaching them to crack and then split an egg!

If you love food how can you not love cooking it?


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