British Pie Week and one of our clients pick Beef and Ale pie for lunch today.

2013 March 7
by Jacs

What perfect menu to  join in with British Pie week, my kitchen brigade were on fire this week creating the most mouthwatering fillings for all our pies with rich homemade shortcrust pastry, which was crisp but melted in the mouth.  When you get a pie just right there is no beating if for a fabulous lunch served up with creamy mash potato, carrots & gravy.

There is something very comforting, rewarding and warming about the perfect pie.   It’s traditionally pub food but why  not make it sophiscated and make individual ones and serve them up to your friends.  I’m so imspired that’s exactly what I’m going to make tonight although think I’ll go for chicken and wild mushroom with a hint of tarragon, might even serve mine with rice rather the traditional mashed potato.

Take a look at the lovely before and after pictures that team deWintons London’s top outside caterers prepared for todays lunch.

Individual Beef and Ale Pie in shortcrust pastry

Served with Creamy Mash Potato, Glazed Carrots and Mini individual jugs of Gravy


Hot Sticky Toffee pudding with Custard

Pies ready for baking in deWintons kitchens.

Beef and Ale pie, now good does that look?

Beef and Ale pie, now good does that look?












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