Sweet chilli prawn wraps for lunch.

2013 March 18
by Jacs

Hmm the most delicious lunch, particularly good as it’s one of my Rosemary Conley healthy eating options. ¬†Every time I do make this for lunch my little girls of one and two and a half always end up eating half so today I decided to make them their own, it’s really quite amusing to see my little girls enjoying giant prawns with humous, sweet chilli sauce and grated carrots, pretty ¬†sophisticated palate’s for such young ones, I guess it helps having a mummy in the world of outside catering.

Actually wraps are such a versatile way of serving up delicious lunch options rather than always using bread in sandwiches, we have a wide variety of options we serve at home from spiced chicken tikka with cucumber and mango chutney to the classic tuna mayonnaise but with a good teaspoon of Dijon mustard added into the mayonnaise along with a few sliced cucumbers and grated radish make a lovely crunchy addition.

At deWintons corporate catering we offer a huge range of wraps, buns and sandwiches if you’re looking for your next tea party look no further, particularly as we have some fabulous cakes on offer too!

Sweet chilli and prawn wraps, what a perfect lunch.

Sweet chilli and prawn wraps, what a perfect lunch.

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