What’s on the Menu for Easter Day?

2013 March 28
by Jacs

Well we’ve just ordered two fabulous looking Organic Legs of Lamb, which were on special offer for Easter,  how good was that?

I’m going to smear the skin with a little sprinkle of Maldon sea salt, add lots of rosemary and garlic, with a good splash of red wine and a touch of Port in the roasting tin.  The addition of the wine and port really helps to make the most fantastic gravy.

Pudding will be a very simple but well tested recipe from my Mother in Law, Apple Meringue, just a perfect way to finish off a delicious lunch.  It’s stewed apple with sugar, finished off with a dash of lemon juice, piled high with meringue, popped in the oven for 25 minutes so the meringue just has a crunchy outer layer but with that soft marshmallow filling.  Serve it with double cream or ice-cream for the perfect partnership.


A delicious roast leg of Lamb with rosemary & garlic.

A delicious roast leg of Lamb with rosemary & garlic.

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