Easter Day and look what I made with my daughter.

2013 April 1
by Jacs

Budding chef Georgina, two and a half, made mini Easter cup cakes with me.  It’s the most adorable site watching your daughter concentrate so hard spooning in the sugar to the butter bowl, that’s after she’s been eating the butter, saying “Mummy I like butter!”

I never knew it could take quite so long to make 24 mini cup cakes but we both enjoyed ourselves, the icing was fun, again another timely session but very sweet to hear, Georgie,  saying “Look it’s changing colour Mummy, it’s drizzling off my spoon” it’s amazing where do they get such good vocab at such a young age?

Anyway below is a picture of one of the cupcakes we made, there aren’t many left.

Georgina's Easter egg cup cakes, just delicious!

Georgina’s Easter egg cup cakes, just delicious!


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