Off to Prague to look after the Bahrain Royal Family

2013 September 13
by Jacs

I’m just sitting at Gatwick airport waiting to fly to Prague to serve the most delicious array of Arabic food, I just love all the spices, beans and delicious breads, not great for my figure but our clients love it.  I guess they need all the fuel they can get as they’re in Prague to ride in a 120km Endurance race, where horse and rider need to qualify.

The day of the main ride starts at 3.30am for me and my loyal staff as we have to be on site by 4.30am to have the breakfast hot and steaming ready to serve at 5.30am as the riders go out at 7am!

Having flown into Prague I’d love to have a couple of days site seeing, I’ll have to persuade my husband to bring me back for a long weekend.



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