Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2013 December 20
by Jacs

Christmas is nearly here and we can’t wait. We have our last two  parties on Sunday night then we’re off for 10 days.

We’ve all been very excited discussing which method works best for roasting the turkey; is it a long slow over night in the bottom of the AGA cooker or is it breast down for the first half followed by a hot oven for the second half of cooking?  Or, if you are really tight on space and time, just go for a turkey crown.  “What’s a turkey Crown? It’s just the fabulous breast fillets on the bone with the wings and thighs chopped off”. It cooks in almost half the time of a traditional turkey.

As a chef I do like to plan ahead so this weekend I’ll be making and freezing our tried and tested Christmas Chocolate Roulade.  I need to finish decorating the Christmas cake with my children, always takes  a bit longer but lots of fun, rolling all those little balls to make Father Christmas and his little elves!

For a bit of fun if you are having lots of friends over for a party and have run out of time to make a pudding, how about serving our fabulous mini Christmas puddings for a change? You can cheat by buying a Christmas pudding, cutting it up into small pieces, roll them into small balls, add some royal icing, a couple of green holly leaves,a few red berries and you have a very sweet and delicious canape ready to impress your guests!

deWintons mini Christmas Puddings.

deWintons mini Christmas Puddings.

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