deWintons develops a brand new canapé menu based on the virtues of Coconut

2014 March 6
by Charlotte

Coconut and beach cropped







We all know coconut water is good for us but now coconut flesh, coconut butter and coconut oil are good for us too.  Coconuts are packed with good fats, keeping us full for longer and providing high-quality calories. Here are 7 keys facts as to why we should be eating coconut flesh and drinking coconut water and milk.

  • Rich in nutrients
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Picture perfect skin
  • Boosts hydration
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • The ultimate hangover remedy
  • Facilitates digestion

Violet macs








Above is one of our favourite canapés of the moment

‘Violet Macaroons filled with Coconut Cream’


Thai Coconut Chilli Chicken with a Tamarind and Coconut Dipping Sauce

Grilled King Prawns Glazed with a Caramelised Coconut

Crab and Coconut Cake with a Hot Chilli Sauce

Scallops with Coconut Crumb Crust served on our Tear Drop Spoons


Violet Macaroons with Coconut Cream

Chocolate Tart, Candied Orange and Coconut Shavings

Coconut Ice Cream Bombs coated in White Chocolate

Coconut ice-cream bombs

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