Stewarts Law RCA Secret 2014 Launch

2014 March 20

deWintons were delighted to assist Stewarts Law in launching the exhibition ‘Stewarts Law RCA Secret 2014’ last night.

Our charming waitresses served a delicious selection of street food; USA Gourmet Slider with Smoked Apple Wood Bacon & Monterey Jack Cheese, Steamed Siu Mai Dumplings with Prawn, Pork & Ginger, South American Empanadas, Japanese Sushi and Vietnamese Banh Mi filled with Marinated BBQ Grilled Chicken, Cucumber, Chilli, Pickled Carrot, Coriander & Mint.

From the beautifully lit glass bar, our bartenders served champagne, pink lemonade and a delicious selection of cocktails; The Atlantico with Chivas 12 Scotch Whisky, The Jinx with Havana Sugared Bitters and The Whisper with Beefeater Gin and Thirteen’s Pear Tincture.

Bar shot 5

waitress with burgers

bar shot 2

Cocktails 04

Vegetarian Banh Mi

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